Instructions for use splint for teeth grinding

Zanith is a dynamically modelable crunch rail for immediate use. The individual adaptation is carried out by the dentist, but can also be carried out by the patient himself, taking into account the following instruction. Correctly adapted, it offers a high wearing comfort and protection against bruxism (teeth grinding and pressing)


Package contents:

1x crunch rail

1x storage box

The manual is included.



Individual adaptation is usually performed on the teeth of the upper jaw.


1. Insert into the mouth before warming.

This is important for two reasons. If you feel a gagging (happens with more often jaw), the rail can be shortened by a few millimeters.

For perfect adaptation, it is important to press the tongue to the palate, remove the saliva by suction and create a vacuum. This should therefore be practiced beforehand

2. Bring enough water to heat and pour the hot water into a suitable container. With the help of the holding fork, the toothed rail, immerse for 12-15 seconds.

Please use stop watch or watch with second hand to check!

3. Remove Zanith dental splint and shake out hot water. Before inserting in the mouth, make sure that the splint is completely open

is. If necessary, with your fingers "bend" something open to prevent the edges when inserting and biting down

be pressed what would make the rail useless. But everything has to go very fast so that the material does not cool down and becomes non-deformable.

4. Now you can gently insert the Zanith Dental Splint into your mouth, close your mouth, bite your teeth hard and, as described and practiced in point 1, create a vacuum so that the warm, soft material adapts to the contours of your teeth.

(Keep "vacuum" as long as possible.)

5. Remove from mouth after 1-2 minutes and allow to cool for several minutes in cold water.

6. Now remove the retaining with scissors.


Important instructions:

• In case of malfunction of the tooth or tooth support apparatus, extreme misalignment of the teeth, wearing removable dentures or braces, ask your dentist before using Zanith.

• If the symptoms caused by bruxism do not improve or worsen within 3 weeks despite regular wear of the crunch dental splint, be sure to visit your dentist.

• Brush Zanith Anti-Knirschschiene only with cold water. If necessary, fast-acting cleaning tablets can also be used.

• Never clean the Zanith crunch bar with hot water!

• Do not store the Zanith crunch bar near heat sources.

• Zanith crunch splint is not suitable for baby teeth.

• Do not swallow product.

• Inform yourself in advance about possible intolerances and allergies and do not use our product in case of doubt

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